Behringer Announces Pre-Production of Highly Anticipated VC340 Vocoder

VC340 Vocoder Plus in the works! © Behringer

One of the most anticipated synth releases in years has been none other than Behringer's proposed clone of the legendary Roland VP-330 vocoder, a full-size keyboard vocoder and string synthesizer that has been used by iconic artists such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Phil Collins, and others, renowned not just for its lush warmth, but also how it embraces the human voice in such a way so as to allow all the interesting little vocal nuances to come through, adding tremendous character and depth to the enunciation of each word processed.

As we wrote before, this new revision by Behringer, dubbed the VC340, aims to leave much of the original version intact, with some minor cosmetic changes to update its look, as well as the addition of USB and MIDI control, but leaving the original analog circuitry design as it was meant to be. While Roland attempted to recreate its famous machine with its boutique version called the VP-03, the original analog circuitry was changed in favor of the company's Analog Circuit Behavior technology, which was not disappointing by any means, however as many audiophiles would argue, there really is nothing quite like true analog, and especially for a synth and vocoder such as the VP-330, it should remain true to its analog roots.

For all the naysayers that said Behringer wouldn't deliver! ;) © Behringer

Behringer says it will be moving to full production soon, and still expects to be able to market the VC340 below $1,000 US dollars. We can probably expect it to come in somewhere around the pricetag of Behringer's Deepmind synth series, which range from $549 to $699, depending on whether you go for the desktop version, the 6 voice 37-key, or the 12 voice 49-key version. Stay tuned for more news!