Behringer Announces Production of Highly Anticipated MonoPoly Synthesizer

The mighty MonoPoly lives on! © Behringer

Easily one of the most revered of all the vintage synths of yesteryear, the Korg MonoPoly, released in 1981 and favorited by everyone from Depeche Mode, to 808 State, and even more contemporary artists such as Freddy Fresh, was essentially a variant of its sister the Korg PolySix, which was the first truly affordable polysynth of its time. With the Mono/Poly more geared perhaps towards raw sonic experimentation and design, with a deeper palette of parameters to dive into.

Rumored as having been one of the key upcoming clones Behringer had been eyeing on producing, the company finally announced back in May 20th, 2020 with a couple of videos, that it was indeed moving forward with marketing the MonoPoly, displaying one of the first built units which clearly showed that like many of its other clones, this was a nearly identical recreation of the iconic synthesizer. The main difference being that as opposed to the original design, the Behringer version features a chasis design more along the lines of the Poly D, with an adjustable upright panel.

You can never have enough knobs...or LFO's! © Behringer

Still boasting the same 4 oscillator/4 voice design, and an all analog signal path, including an effects version, 2 LFO's, and dedicated amp and filter envelopes, the Behringer MonoPoly will also include a very useful Auto-Tune feature, which is a must for analog synths.

Behringer has not announced officially what the pricepoint or when the release date will be, but did make it clear the synth was moving into full production, and expected to begin shipping some time in November. The company is also still also in the middle of releasing its new clone of the ARP 2600, for which a pricepoint has also not been set.

Stay tuned to more news as they roll out from the Behringer production lines, by following their Facebook page. Looks like it's going to be a great Christmas! Are you excited about the release of the Behringer MonoPoly? Let us know!

You can learn more about the Behringer MonoPoly by watching the video below: