Behringer Finishes a Busy Year by Announcing CAT Synthesizer

Just when you thought that synth manufacturer extraordinaire Behringer was done for the year, having already shut down naysayers across the globe by keeping its promise of delivering everything from a clone of the famed SH-101 synthesizer, to an almost indistinguishable replica of the TB-303, to its warmly received (and greatly improved I might add) RD-8 clone of the iconic TR-808 drum machine; not to mention it's hot ticket at the moment, the Behringer Crave single oscillator synth, the company leaves 2019 behind with another promise kept: The CAT synthesizer.

Based around the vintage Octave Cat synthesizer, released in 1976, and produced 'til 1981, this Monophonic/Duophonic Eurorack format rendition is a real treat for noobs and pros alike. Featuring 2 analog oscillators that can mix each of the waves simultaneously: triangle, sawtooth, and square on the first, and sawtooth and square on the second; not to mention dedicated sub oscillators, the CAT also features the original filter design, 2 envelope generators, and a small, yet versatile patch point section to go along with the rest of your modular setup.

Behringer plans on releasing the CAT synthesizer sometime in 2020, with a price point of around €300, or about $340.

Stay tuned! There is truly no telling what else will come from Behringer this coming year.