Behringer Introduces 2600-VCO Eurorack Module

2600-VCO Eurorack module © Behringer

Just when you think that perhaps Behringer will slow down and take a break, they let you in on the fact that they are actually working extra overtime, and delivering not just on promises made, but things we didn't even know they were doing. Do these guys even sleep?

Yesterday, Behringer took to social media as they always do, announcing an incredibly neat idea: a Eurorack version of the iconic Arp 2600 VCO. The 2600 is one of the company's latest clones, and the original one of the most important and influential synthesizers of all time! So of course we would welcome a module that can be a perfect way to start your modular journey, and for the pros, a nice compliment to their rig.

The Behringer 2600-VCO unit, is of course just the Voltage Controlled Oscillator of the 2600, packed into a 16HP Eurorack format, and featuring all that glory from the unique circuitry that delivers that equally unique sound. 4 simultaneous waveforms are available (Saw, Sine, Pulse, and Triangle), with a frequency range of 10hz to 10khz, and in LFO mode, between 0.03Hz to 30Hz. There are 4 individual outputs for each wave, and 4 inputs for FM control to further sculpt those crazy sounds. A fine tune knob on the top right corner allows you to tune this to other VCO's, and the pulse width can be controlled via a slider, as well as CV.

The Behringer 2600-VCO is expected to ship soon, and will be available for a pricepoint of $99. An absolute steal if you ask me! Behringer is definitely changing the game this year for modular enthusiasts, by actually making it affordable. Ready to embark on your modular journey? This might be a good starting point for you!

You can learn hear the 2600-VCO in action, by watching the video below: