Behringer is Restoring Synthesizers Used by Iconic Duo Tears for Fears, Plans Synth Museum

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

German Pro Audio manufacturer Behringer is at it yet again, but this time not for the reasons you might think. Still busy innovating with new ideas while cloning old classics almost simultaneously, Behringer by nature if you haven't noticed, works with a bit of a philanthropic heart, which extends beyond value and quality, to also educating the public about their instruments, all while throwing in a little bit of Electronic Music history for good measure.

For example, at their Music Tribe Experience Center in Los Angeles, Behringer recently hosted an event where the public could come in and learn about their newest synths like the very interesting Crave synthesizer, while also allowing people to take a trip back to the future by getting a chance to play with Behringer's recreations of some seriously influential and historic synthesizers, like their upcoming interpretation of the famed ARP Odyssey, the VC340 Vocoder, and even their impressive take on the iconic SH-101 with the Behringer MS-101.

But Behringer is planning on taking things even further, recently announcing a planned vintage synthesizer museum, and their acquisition of some truly rare gems, like a Roland SH-5 that the team traveled all the way to Italy for, as well as the synth collection of legendary British band Tears For Fears, which sadly where in quite terrible shape, but did include a Prophet 5 and a Yamaha DX1 as you can see in the videos. There was also an Emulator II.

Behringer's UK team will be busy indeed with the restoration project for these beauties, yet the end result will be more than worth it, not just as they restore these true classics, but also as they honor one of music history's most influential bands, Tears For Fears. Will be interesting to see how the rest of the museum turns out, and what else they find for it!

Check out the Roland SH-5 that came all the way from Italy: