Behringer Releases Clone of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio Reference Headphones

Behringer BH 770 studio reference headphones © Behringer

Behringer has become a sort of household name these days. Whether you are just getting started as a musician, or a veteran of the scene, chances are Behringer is at the top of your list with so many grandiose releases as of late and many more in the works. Imagine, a fully faithful recreation of a synthesizer such as the ARP Odyssey, with features not available before, or perhaps a nearly-identical clone of the infamous TR-808 drum machine that is actually affordable and even more powerful than the original. And there is just so much that we could write about, released and planned, but it's really quite a lot. Behringer dare we say, has been on absolute fire lately! And there is no sign of slowing down.

Having always been a budget-friendly audio company in general, perhaps their next release wouldn't come as much of a surprise as the next inevitable announcement of some clone that will leave us completely baffled. Infusing the audio engineering market with some of that philanthropic Behringer love, the company next delivers a real gift not just for the seasoned studio pro, but for the many of us who have to deal with neighbors and sound ordinances, and can really benefit from truly accurate, private mixing and monitoring of our music.

Releasing the Behringer BH 770 studio reference headphones, the company clones the Beyerdynamic DT 770, still available on the market of course, but for nearly 5 times the price! Coming in at a whopping $35, the Behringer BT 770 headphones are professional grade, with a closed-back design, and feature 53mm drivers with a frequency response of 10hz-38khz. Lightweight, with ultra-soft ear cups, and an adjustable headband, the BH 770 can provide long comfortable studio sessions, with, as the company states: "Extended bass performance and detailed highs" as well as “natural speaker-like monitoring with spacious sound staging”

if you are in the market for a pair of truly professional studio monitoring headphones, then perhaps the Behringer BH 770 is the right choice. Between price and features, you really won't find anything even closely comparable. More info on specs and where to purchase here.