Behringer teases new VP-330, Oberheim OB-Xa clones

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

The hardware world continues to get more and more intriguing with some of the latest releases which have included a Moog Model D clone by Audio Hardware company Behringer; where the company unleashed a Eurorack-styled (keyless) panel replica of the D, along with other news such as the Korg Prologue, and the continuing and quite interesting evolution of Roland's Boutique series. The latest to shock the synth world, is Behringer who once again teases with a couple of very interesting clones that for at least one of them, seems the possibility of it being released is quite real.

One of the most classic sounding vocoders the world has ever heard is Roland's infamous VP-330; a full sized vocoder and string machine that is simply a delight to listen to and play. Behringer, ahead of the 2018 NAMM show in California, teased an interesting picture that seemed to show the circuit boards and partial paneling of what looked like a VP-330. The following pictures released where the company showed a bit of the more complete product showed what was undoubtedly a VP clone dubbed the VC340. While not an exact replica, and for obvious copyright reasons, the machine is quite close in looks and as you will hear in the video below, sounds just like its original counterpart.

Prototype of Behringer's UB-Xa...the company's clone of the infamous Oberheim OB-Xa © Behringer

The company has also teased a clone of Oberheim's OB-Xa, called the UB-Xa, and is set to soon release an original Semi-Modular rack mountable synth called the "Neutron". This one in particular has me very excited, and as for the clones..only time will tell! I hope at least the VC340 makes it to the market, but as the company has previously teased several clones that never became a reality for musicians, it's hard to tell if it will happen. The only thing that in my opinion should raise optimism, is the fact that the company did obviously release the Model D clone, and under similar circumstances as the UB-Xa and VP potential releases. By that I mean that for anyone thinking that the company would be unable to mass reproduce it due to copyright infringement, the subtle and in some cases larger changes made to the look, and possibly circuitry, should, as with the D, allow the company to actually make these two come to light. Let's hope!

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