Behringer Teases Prototype of the Pro-16: A Clone of the Iconic Prophet-5 Synthesizer

Updated: Aug 3

This might be their best work yet! ;) © Behringer

Pro Audio manufacturer and synth clone overlord Behringer, busy as ever apparently given all of the hype surrounding several products being released and teased as of late; like the new modded version of it's popular TD-3, announced via social media yesterday the current development of a very unexpected, yet (let's be honest) highly anticipated synthesizer the world undoubtedly had been wishing would make a return: the iconic Roland Jupiter-8. Yes you read that right! This seemed like an obvious choice for many of us, and should have been perhaps one of the company's first clone undertakings, but according to Behringer, this one is actually gonna happen in the near future.

But if somehow the news of that wasn't enough to send you on a celebratory bender all weekend, the company then proceeded to drop yet another bombshell on the unsuspecting populace yesterday: a picture of an almost fully developed prototype of one of the most revered synthesizers of all time, the Sequential Prophet-5. You also read that one right ladies and gentlemen! :)

Considered by many to be the king of synthesizers, and used by everyone from Tangerine Dream and Peter Gabriel, to Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, and so many others, the Prophet-5 has been in many ways the backbone of countless influential Pop, Rock, and Electronic hits over the years, even being the synth used for the soundtrack of the movie "The Terminator".

While it is true that Dave Smith revived Sequential Circuits back in 2018 (as Sequential), and the company (now owned by Focusrite) has been very busy reissuing many variations of the Prophet since, the fact that we will now be able to afford such a beautiful replica of this powerful relic of our time, is truly amazing in itself! What a wonderful gift from Behringer. Never did I think I'd be able to actually afford and own a Prophet. The Sequential versions unfortunately are still very out of reach for the most of us!

Rear view of the Pro-16 © Behringer

There is no official info regarding release date yet, but it is rumored the Pro-16 will be available at a pricepoint somewhere around $1,100.00. Behringer has also stated on their Facebook page that the prototype is currently awaiting firmware development, leaving the rest of us biting our nails in anxiety as we await to see and hear more about this project.

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Update 8/3/21: Behringer has released some info on their Facebook page regarding functionality of the upcoming Pro-16. Some added features will apparently include 16 voices as opposed to the original 5, an LCD display, multi-timbrality, and a lot more says Behringer.

As mentioned before, the company is currently working on firmware development for the Pro-16, but promises that this one will be delivered much faster than it's highly anticipated UB-Xa synthesizer.