Behringer To Begin Shipping First Units Of Neutron Synthesizer

Uli Behringer, founder and CEO of audio equipment company Behringer, stated on his Facebook page today that after successfully passing final testing, it will begin shipping its first 60 units of the long-awaited Neutron synthesizer out to customers. He states that: "I am relieved and proud that we could keep our promise to ship the first units by end of April. However please keep in mind that it will take some time to ramp up production and fulfill the massive back orders we have for the Neutron".

Announced earlier in the year during the release of its widely successful Model D clone, and many more hints at also cloning some of the most classic synthesizers like the OB-Xa and Pro-One, the Neutron is very interesting, not only because of its unique architecture and design, but also because it is a purely original concept by Behringer. So those of you reducing the company somehow from budget-friendly to simply cloning others can bite your tongue and take in this beauty for what its worth!

John from Behringer's UK Midas team, in charge of testing the Neutron © Behringer

The Neutron is a dual oscillator Semi-Modular Paraphonic synthesizer, that features an original filter design engineered by Keith Moffat, dubbed the "Moffatt Filter". It also features 2 envelopes, LFO of course, and a plethora of other useful tools such as a slew limiter, attenuator, Sample and Hold, Bucket Brigade Delay (Analog), Overdrive, and a 32-In, 26-Out Patching panel for integration into your Eurorack or any other modular set up. 

Order fulfillments will indeed take some time as the company catches up to mass production, but get in line and make the Neutron one of your next choices. Overall a great move by Behringer who continues to amaze the world not just with classic recreations at an affordable price, but also as we have here, original designs meant to inspire further musical creativity. 

More info in the video below, please watch:

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