Behringer UB-Xa Prototype Pictures Revealed

Behringer UB-Xa prototype revealed © Behringer

This morning, Uli Behringer took to social media as he tends to do, full of enthusiasm and inspiration, to share a dose of that with the public and unveil pictures of the actual prototype of the company's upcoming Oberheim OB-Xa clone, the Behringer UB-Xa.

He stated: "Here she is...Tomorrow we'll send it to the Midas team in the UK so they can do their firmware magic. Just remember this is still a prototype and it needs lots of work. But we'll make it happen".

The UB-Xa was proposed early on in 2018 as potentially a desktop model, but as a company who listens to its customers, the public outcry over a full-sized keybed on such an iconic synth was deafening, and so the company humbly decided on the keyboard style instead. Behringer has also mentioned that in order to maintain integrity of the original circuitry design, they are using 3340 and 3320 VCO's and VCF's, but have replaced the original digital section of the synthesizer with powerful Arm Processors.

More news to come, stay tuned through here or the Behringer Facebook page.