Bionic Breaker - Revenge of the Oldschool

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Bionic Breaker, one of the many pseudonyms of long-time veteran of the Electro scene Evangelos Zacharopoulos, whom you may better know as Binalog, returns once again with the first hard copy album release since his side project's debut on the scene back in 2013 on the tribute album compilation dedicated to the late Giuseppe Mereu.

With "Revenge of the Oldschool", Bionic Breaker, a project always clearly paying homage to the roots of Hip Hop and the oldschool Electro sound, delivers 18 brand new funky fresh tunes, saturated with B-boy vibes and heavy nostalgia for the era where it all started from.

Songs like "Future Funk", "Last Night Boogie Saved My Life", "Transformation", "Beat Box", not to mention the title track, are made up of lush, vibrant melodies, gleaming arpeggios, and warm, soulful basslines that ride on the back of very dynamic beats, produced with that classic approach that is always guaranteed to get you moving; masterful at the reverb, punchy, and well balanced. There is no shortage of vocoders here either folks, this is truly what the robot takeover sounded like when the Electro sound took over the streets!

Innersleeve of CD album digipak © Binalog Productions

While I found some of the songs fell within a very similar style of composition and beat programming, there are also some very unique gems all over this album. The polished, and genuine emotive elements throughout, not to mention a very authentic oldschool feel all over this record, make this a must have for any fan of the true b-boy sounds.

Evangelos Zacharopoulos, the man behind many pseudonyms like Binalog Frequency, Evanton, and here back again with his Bionic Breaker moniker, is a man who just doesn't stop. With over a decade of one of the heaviest outputs of any producer or label I know, he has built a legacy for him, his many projects, and his thriving imprint over the years, making this absolute powerhouse of a one man show, one to always look for!

Bionic Breaker's "Revenge of the Oldschool" is out now through the label's Bandcamp or wherever you buy music. Highly recommended stuff! It's releases like this that help keep that very special vibe alive. Don't stop the rock!


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