Blastromen's New Album Cyberia Released Today

After much anticipation, Blastromen's brand new album "Cyberia" released today on their resident imprint Dominance Electricity out of Germany. Expect the duo's signature complex melodic compositions, characterized by strong cinematic Sci-Fi score influences and driven by their ingenious rhythms and programming. Their sound continues to evolve gracefully it must be said, with their vocal performances even more crafty this time around, diving deeper into the concepts of each song, while in general the overall concept of the entire album is no less visionary than in the past. We are on a journey ladies and gentlemen, and little by little these two spacemen continue to lead the way as we find out what's in store for us the further we go into the depths of Blastromen's realm of musical consciousness and absolute genius.

The record is available now as a 2x12" red vinyl and poster set, or as a 2x12" black vinyl LP package without poster. If you prefer, the album is also out as a CD Digipak, and is also available as a digital download wherever you purchase digital tunes.

The artwork recruits iconic The Zonders once again, who did a magnificent job this time as they have in the past with Blastromen's other releases. This particular one a bit colder and darker, in line with much of the great Sci-Fi material being released lately in movie theaters or even Netflix.

The record itself sounds impeccable, mastered in Germany at the iconic Schnittstelle mastering house in Berlin by Andreas Kauffelt, who you may know better as Subtonal (Electrolux Records).

Listen to a preview of the album:

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