Breakin' Records

Like Direct Beat, Breakin' Records has had a very underground and less "in your face" approach to delivering monumental releases that over time, have had a tremendous influence on Electro music. It's hard not to think of them as historic. With a catalog extending past 50 releases with some of the most prominent artists of the past decade, Breakin' Records set out to do what many labels often can't: endure, outlast, and redefine a genre.

Founded by the legendary Ed DMX, the label helped pave the way for the beginnings of artists like Bass Junkie, Mandroid, Paul Blackford, and other Ed DMX projects like DMX Krew, Bass Potato, and Computor Rockers. The first release, DMX Krew's "DMX Bass/Rock Your Body", started things off showcasing both sides of Ed DMX's musical influences and aspirations, Electro Bass, and Synth Pop. The following releases, Bass Potato and Bass Junkie's "Unknown Funk E.P.", kept introducing their new sound, while paying homage to the old school influences that helped inspire these releases.

Probably one of the most notable releases in the early days of Breakin' was the debut of Mandroid, with his ground-breaking E.P., "Retrospect". This release was not just a great beginning for someone who has become one of the most legendary Electro artists of the new school sound, but it was a great step in the right direction for a label that was aiming to showcase the many sub-genres that exist under the name Electro.

The label went on to release many more releases and still continues to this day, even after a small hiatus in the mid '00s. The musical direction of the label has changed somewhat from its earlier days, gravitating more towards the sounds of Acid House, Breaks, Techno, and progressing on Ed's earlier flirtations with Synth Pop. They do however, now and again, release material that is true to the older styles that launched the label to success in the Electro Bass and Electro Funk scene.

With more than 20 years under their belt, the label has been a foundation to many of today's most prolific artists, as well as a platform for many to begin their careers under what has become an incredibly prestigious label. It has been an example of the kind of influence one country can have on another, and how this influence can in return, begin to have its own effect on newer movements within music circles. In many ways, a replay of the days when groups like Kraftwerk influenced cities like Detroit and Miami, only to then have these places create a sound that would then go on to have its own wave of influence on the world...a microcosm of the constant exchange of information that has been occurring between human beings on this planet since the beginnings of time.


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