Carl Finlow Releases "Apparatus" Double Vinyl LP

The legendary Carl Finlow © C. Finlow/Discogs

Electro mastermind Carl Finlow hasn't just been as busy as he's ever been lately, but he's also been rapidly evolving his music right under our noses, and quite elegantly and adventurously I might add! If you have heard a few of his previous outings, most notably perhaps his recent vinyl adventure with Telephasycx! (Nonzero!) on Spanish Rator Mute label, then you know exactly what I am talking about. A bit more acidic, faster, heavier, and leaning a bit more towards the Electro Bass style than we have heard from this artist before. Whether as Silicon Scally, Voice Stealer, or just as Carl Finlow.

Back again once again with "Apparatus", which is available now on vinyl as a 2x12" LP, as well as digital through the label's Bandcamp, or Juno Records along with others, Carl Finlow delivers 8 new tunes with exactly that new flavor I speak of that is revolutionizing the sound of the iconic artist, with nearly 30 years under his belt as one of the leading acts in the Electro scene.

Don't miss on this one, it's an absolute must for your next DJ set!

You can listen to previews of Apparatus below: