Carlos Native Releases Back To Reality Album: Listen

Carlos Native, co-founder of the obscure high-caliber outfit Tainted Cell, and solo artist with a fantastic collection of singles as well as his previous album "B.I.O.N.E.T.", recently released a new title called "Back To Reality". This limited CD album features 11 songs of highly sophisticated Electro Sci-Fi tunes with profound cinematic elements, raw analog textures, and absolutely mesmerizing synth compositions that will remind you of some of the best science fiction movie scores out there.

His sound is a bit reminiscent at times of artists like Anthony Rother and Blastromen, with strong Acid influences, all produced in a very original way that at this point has given the artist a very signature style that is classy, innovative and slightly retro at the same time.

Listen to the album below, and please support by purchasing a copy. As mentioned, this is a very limited CD release:

Photo credit: Carlos Native

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