Carlos SicRock - Quadrant

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Carlos SicRock, the Catalonian Electro wizard who has brought you timeless releases such as "Termicsic" on Subsonic Device, as well as "Mechanical Possession" on Japanese imprint Anti-Gravity Device, returns once again, this time on Italian powerhouse Urban Distortions label to deliver with "Quadrant", an illustrious display of his unique interpretation of the global Electro sound. 

After being led deeper into the album by a brilliant intro, where slow mechanical sequences get going like a train, with mysterious pads that rain down like dew on a cold, wet summer dawn, Quadrant; the title track, begins the high-paced assault, as relentless programming weaves into a sharp, aggressive Electro beat. Little by little, things get stitched up tightly as spaced out, devious tones squelch into existence, and the melodies begin to make their appearance in a rather upbeat fashion. This tune is far more eclectic than it may appear at first.

Next, "Tubolar" continues with a similar beat like the previous, maintaining the tempos, but getting into some really intelligent synth compositions here. Gleaming sequences meet roaring drones, as the song quickly liquifies into a soulful jam full of inspiration and mystique. My favorite tune perhaps!

As we move forward in this delightful listening experience, we find "Sincroflash", a groovy, audacious tune that quickly begins to demonstrate sophisticated programming skills, while whistling stabs meet alluring pads that glisten and billow as if clouds over the frantic rhythms of this complex production.

Lastly, "Cronos" slows things down a bit, getting a bit playful and quirky in the beginning, introducing brilliant, mesmerizing arrangements that dive deep into radiant emotive landscapes, crafted with such care! A+ all over this one. 

This new title by Carlos SicRock is highly recommended! An artist quickly gaining ground, and someone that in time will be looked at as one of the great pillars of the modern Catalonian Electro sound. There is also a new compilation coming from Urban Distortions, featuring not just a new tune from Carlos SicRock, but heavyweights such as Alavux, Cybereign, Metanoia, Order Of The Muffin, PL_anet, and many more! Stay tuned for that as well. 

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