Carlos Sicrock Set to Return to Subsonic Device With "Atrévete A Pensar"

Master at work © Carlos Sicrock officlal/Facebook

If you caught Carlos Sicrock's recent "The Sentinel EP" on Japanese imprint Anti Gravity Device, then get ready because he is set to return soon, this time back on German label Subsonic Device. No news yet on whether this will be an EP or LP, but the artwork in itself is really quite impressive. But that can be said of the label's entire catalog really, they have a great illustrator! This new release by Carlos Sicrock is called "Atrévete A Pensar", which actually translates to: "dare to think"...very relevant concept for this day in age!

Judging by the fact that all of this new music lately by Carlos Sicrock is a result of some seriously intense creative productivity as of late by the artist, these new tunes will no doubt continue that great style of the Catalonian artist, infused with original melodies, mind-bending grooves, and a nice balance of rhythmic, crazy Electro Funk vibes thanks to the artist's long history in the Catalonian breaking scene.

Dare to think! ;) © Subsonic Device

No previews are available yet of the release, but while we await official news, here is Carlos Sicrock's most recent outing on Japanese Anti Gravity Device label: