Carlos Sicrock Shares Official Video for New Song "Galactic Archaeology": Watch

Carlos Sicrock continues his unstoppable productive streak, returning once again after just recently publishing "Dark Engineers" on Swedish Encrypted Records label, here with the self-release of "Secret of Mufon". Featuring 4 brand new tunes, this is an EP to truly abduct your mind with an intelligent and mysterious power that seeps through each and every composition. Sometimes lead by old school 808 rhythms, and just like that, suddenly catapulting thereafter into futuristic Electro themes, bathing these tunes in a radiant sense of melancholy and thoughtfulness, while balancing everything out with plenty of funk and ingenuity.

"Secret of Mufon" by Carlos Sicrock also quite unapologetically dives into the world of potential extraterretrial life in the universe, and highlights the work of organizations like Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), who are working endlessly along with other organizations such as SETI, not to mention influential figures such as Dr. Stephen Greer, to help bring about answers to what may be the biggest question of all: are we alone in the universe?

A few days ago, Carlos Sicrock took to social media to share the official video, edited by the artist himself, of a new song from the new EP, this one titled "Galactic Archaeology". Make sure you are sitting down for this one, it's quite a mind-bending ride! And if you like it, and want to grab the new EP, head on over to Carlos Sicrock's Bandcamp page, and support.