CHP Recordings

Launched in 2007 by mastermind and innovative Electro Bass producer "GROW", CHP has not only served as a platform for the artist to publish his own music, but also to bring in talent from around the world in the form of collaborative projects that have continued to push the envelope time and time again over the years.

The label's first release in 2007 was GROW's "Electronic Milk" vinyl EP, featuring a remix by BFX, as well as the track "My Robot Kicked Your Baby's Ass". In 2009, the label followed up with its first collaborative effort between GROW and Rhoan Descartes called "The Infinity E.P.", and featured a remix of the original track by both artists.

In 2010, GROW returned with a blinding album, called "Calculating Immortality", which contained 8 songs of pure sub-sonic fury; shredding spatial reality into bits with skillfully manipulated sound effects, industrialized vocals, and bottom-heavy beats, straight from the land of Bass. Following up in 2011, was GROW's remix of Ministry's "Psalm 69", as well as "We Are The Annunaki". There was also a fantastic collaboration between R21 and GROW called "Broken Machines"; an eclectic, and very unique piece featuring Depeche Mode-like vocals, and soothing, yet innovative melodies and sequences.

The duo came back once again, this time as "gRow21", with "Lord Of Time" in early 2012, but not before GROW's "Lower Case Race" in December of '11; which seems out of order catalog-wise, and more than likely indicates a problem at that time with Juno's system of delivery, given the close releases dates between CHP007 and 008. The rest of 2012 brought us a flurry of releases, following up hot on the heels of "Lord Of Time", with Phonotronix's "Analog Cerebrum", which featured remixes by Inhuman Designed, and GROW himself.

GROW continued the onslaught for the rest of year, bringing you titles like the carefully executed "Immortality Recalculated" remixes album, which had each song on the original "Calculating Immortality" album remixed, recruiting heavy-weights from around the globe to contribute their insight into the artist's vision of dark and heavy Electro Bass. Roster of artists included N-ter, Fleck ESC, Prototype, Morphogenetic, R21, DVS NME, Shadowbunny, and Pip Williams, along with Florida counterparts Phonotronix, Anthony Nuzzo, Dwellz, and BFX.

Since the beginning of 2013, the label has released several other releases like Fleck ESC's "Silly Cookie E.P.", Ghostlight's "The Signal Stream E.P.", and many amazing releases by duo Ohverclock, who have gone on to become one of the most sought-after Electro Bass acts of the last few years. Keep up, CHP isn't going anywhere, in fact, they may just be getting warmed up for a full assault!


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