Circuitry Man - Hi Tech Biochemical LP

Circuitry Man, long-time project of Alessandro Geo hailing from Italy; also known for his prolific works as Oscillator and The Shadow Of A Doubt on labels such as Geotron, Camo or S.O.A.D., returns on the heels of his previous release on mighty imprint Zero One Music back in 2013, with the full-length release of "Hi Tech Biochemical". Last presented as a remixes album that included 4 of the tunes found here, "We Are Some Bizarre", "Deep Down", "The World", and the remixed track "First Aid"; which saw reworks by famed Electro artists such as DJ Di'jital, Will Web, and Peter Green (Rephlex), as well as amGod from the German group "yelworC". 

Clearly we see already an inclination towards the sounds of Techno Bass, showcased here as full of life and sound as you could possibly ask for. But to marginalize Circuitry Man as simply a purveyor of the Detroit Techno Bass sound would be a disservice to his more broad approach to Electro Music. On the other side of the spectrum what we find from his music is a strong influence of Kraftwerk and the subsequent rise of the 80's Electro Funk sound.

Tunes such as "Robot To Dance", "Sekt Korrekt", "Involved", "ET Bass", and "The World" for example are classic Techno Bass tunes, crafted with an uncanny sense for deep Sci-Fi Detroit inspired music; intriguing and full of mystique with profound synth programming, as well as ingenious rhythms, basslines and sequencing. A lot of Circuitry Man's work reminds me of the obscure yet legendary works of Autobot-1000; old school 90's project of Douglas Patterson, released primarily through House and Breaks label Hoodwink Records out of North Carolina.

Representing his lean towards the roots of Kraftwerk and diving into the more broad sonic abilities of Circuitry Man however, we have tunes like "Program", "Battery/shampoo, and "We Are Some Bizarre"; classic Electro songs with a slight retro feel, yet no less driven by a futuristic approach that brings in all the right elements with skill and a nostalgic, rather sinister soulfulness that leaves a strong mark of character on all of the artist's music. 

As mentioned, the full-length album also features a collection of remixes which comprised the original release through Zero One Music. Whether it's Will Web's enigmatic tech assault, passing through DJ Di'jital's classic robotic Techno Bass infusion, stopping by the hypnotic and unforgiving sound of amGod, on to Peter Green's imaginative orchestral compositions that are so incredibly unique in the way he fuses contemporary electronica programs with classical, cinematic scores. Alone on their own all worth the release itself! 

Overall this is a highly recommended album by Electric Kingdom. Circuitry Man is an artist whose music underscores the talent and passion we have in the Electro scene with intelligent, soulful and masterful approaches to sound design, composition and production techniques. Don't miss on this album, so please support the true underground and buy a copy!

Also while you are at it, check out the rest of Alessandro Geo's marvel of a discography on his Bandcamp...not a tune to disappoint fans of innovative, yet classic Electro music!

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