City Beat Records Announces New Underground Electro Series Volume, Shares Video

If you are a lover of all things Electro Boogie, then I am sure you are well acquainted with Germany's highly sophisticated underground Electro label "City Beat Records". An imprint that could easily be argued continued the path once laid by legendary Streetsounds label, who unfortunately lost momentum with the scene not long after its return back in 2009, due to corrupt practices and flat out bad deals with many artists.

With a plethora of titles dating all the way back to 1994, City Beat has been the one label to perhaps truly keep the old school vibes rockin' in such a genuine way that every record is like truly owning a part of a past that made a huge impact on so many people all over the world a few decades ago. One of their most beloved, is the "Underground Electro" series, which started back in 2010, and continues today with the announcement of the new 2018 volume.

Having seen heavyweights such as Maggotron, Arabian Prince, Planet Patrol, and Newcleus, the label has always been a platform for newer artists promoting old school Electro Funk vibes as well like E-Control, Funkmaster Ozone, and Uni-Mate.

This time around, City Beat enlists the likes of Debonaire, DJ King Tut, The Freek Macheen, DJ Heliobranco, and many more for a limited vinyl and CD release available for purchase as of this very day!

Grab your copy and support authentic underground Electro. You can purchase this title through direct order by contacting: or visit the label's Ebay and Discogs shops.

Also, check out a previously released megamix by label founder DJ Salva 808:

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