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Client 03 Releases Massive Bundle Pack on Astrophonica

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Client_03 is the testbed... © Astrophonica/Bandcamp

Astrophonica presents a massive release by Client 03 titled "Hope Repeater". Comprised of three available vinyl and merch bundles + digital offerings, the package comes on the heels of a few other high energy-high bass-high quality Astrophonica releases dropped earlier this year. Client 03 fits right in with five pure Electro bits that push the limit of the Electro sound, into deeper waters filled with unknown monsters lurking in mysterious shadows you may have overlooked before.

This coded message received via a brief Client 03 transmission really encapsulates the feeling of "Hope Repeater", and is the vocal track on one of the best Electro tunes of 2019, "Prosperity Stream Divider":

{:::::::tty - begin log output:

Client_03 became aware as follows;

Client_01: reject Client_02: reject Client_03: accept

Client_03 is the testbed

System component identification: [Subset 3 A]

The system contains all the elements to passively accept control With correct presentation control feels like comfort, you’ll feel protected. To make you feel like the beginning of anything is the whole undertaking and not just the beginning. To Keep you in the honey moon period indefinitely. make you feel like satisfaction is purely accumulation The system simultaneously acts as a means to Dismiss Empathy Distribute false information Create social division and fill the space with noise.

The three bundles come with a combo of vinyl, limited edition T-shirt, high quality poster and digital tracks. You of course can buy each one individually at the Client 03 Bandcamp page, or on the Astrophonica website.

Listen to previews of the album below: