Code Rising & Analog To Future - Quantum Data Vol. 1

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Analog To Future inaugurates with fellow comrades from Code Rising the debut release of Ascendant Recordings! With big bass strokes, “Quantum Data Vol. 1”; hopefully the first of a long series, serves up a pounding EP ranging from pure Electrocore to Electrobass insanities! Industrial sororities enhanced with genius analog synths and pads bless every song, propelling you into a hostile dystopian world patrolled by killer T-800 robots.

Featuring Code Rising and Analog to Future, “Automatic Mastermind” engages hostilities on A side as the first notes drop. The track kicks off with a merciless bass line, quickly supported by metallic drums and industrial synth layers. Martial male and robotic lyrics depict a gloomy situation: “We control your system, we control your mind. We are as one, we are the masterminds”. In short, resistance is futile and here at Electric Kingdom, we don’t believe you will after listening to this ace cut!

Arguably the EP’s stand-out dance floor track, evil “Flash Of Light” coming next, delivers a war machine characterized by icy offensive Electro Bass beats and dark melodies à la Jackal & Hyde. Written by Code Rising and Analog To Future, and available in a 2018 remastered version, the song oscillates between breaks, siren alerts, and vocodered voices over a flood of percussive drums. You’ll feel like crossing a foundry of mechas. For cyborgs and humanoids only!

Filled to the brim with Code Rising’s signature, “Messages From Cylon” on the flipside transports you in the depth of Space, spiraling arp melodies and stark machine funk. This ode to chaos carries the authentic excitement that you would expect from Ryan Phillips and Matt Lancaster. Shifting between Electrocore beats and classic old school patterns, the gem delivers magnificent bass lines and dark-dreamy pads that leave the mind in a trance. Let’s figure an armada of battle droids ready for the assault and you’ll foresee what will be your fate.

Like a cherry on top, “Messages From Cylon” comes with a revisited version from Analog To Future. Muscular drums and authentic synth-lines paired with the unmistakable Analog To Future signature turn the track into a milestone of a remix, haunting and one word: perfect!

Already available in digital format through the label's website, where you can also pre-order the vinyl version (begins shipping July 4th), “Quantum Data Vol. 1” marks the official launch of Analog To Future’s Ascendant Recordings, a label with an aim to make Electro reach a new level.

Representing the first project of Analog To Future in 7 years, this release whose artwork was designed by Taurin Stancio Robinson sounds like a future classic. Must have!

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