Code Rising Announce New Vinyl EP, Begin Crowdfund Campaign on Qrates

Code Rising, long-running Electro duo consisted of Matt Lancaster and Ryan Phillips (Ohverclock), recently announced on social media the upcoming release of their new "Mixer Fixer EP " vinyl outing. 4 brand-new tunes of sinister, floor-stomping Electro Bass beats, pressed on a marbled color disc, with a full-color jacket and featuring a remix by legendary BFX. Now here is the fun part: you get to be part of this by supporting with your contribution. Once the release has 100 sales, the vinyl goes on to manufacture and ships to your door within 8 weeks. 

Qrates has become the Bandcamp of vinyl enthusiasts by allowing artists and labels to press releases zero-risk, with connections to the best vinyl press plants and distributors in the world. In an age where it could be easily thought that vinyl sales are on the rise, with more and more labels proliferating, the truth is that digital and even CD's still dominate the market, and with vinyl, it still is and perhaps always will be, for the true audiophiles and nostalgic collectors. If you want to see vinyl remain, your support is truly needed!

Check out the new release below:

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