Code Rising - Mixer Fixer E.P.

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Exzakt, Freddy Fresh, Code Rising...more and more artists call out to crowdfunding to finance or support their outings and it works! For instance, Code Rising sold 60 of 100 copies of their latest release (that I will speak about below) in less than a month!

Following “The Sequential Mind EP” published in March 2018, the US binomial returns on wax with their second 12” on their own Propulsion Records label. An Electro-Bass duo comprised of Matt “Ronon” Lancaster, and Ryan “Kounterakt” Phillips on a mission since 2009 to keep the core values of the South Florida Electro sound in its original form, Code Rising offers today a massive three tracker, plus a remix from legendary BFX (Made From Concentrate, CHP Recordings).

The title track introduces the A side. Opener “Mixer Fixer” fires a barrage of clanking 808 drums under warped synth lines before delivering a deeper, wonkier and vocodered assault from the middle of the cut. With evil melodies and old school samples, the song turns into a banger as the first notes drop!

Heavy robotic “Let’s Disperse (Original Mix)” instantly following serves up another slaughter. Industrial, swirling arpeggios color the tune, punctuated by harsh beats, emergency sirens and tense breaks. Paying homage to the classic Electro sound with some horrific, nasty melodies, and a sequenced bassline, this track masterfully bridges the old and the new. Definitely one of my favorite CR works.

On the reverse, “Technological Terror”, a CR classic released on Monotone USA in 2012, comes fully remixed by BFX in a totally insane version. A salvo of mind-altering beats over hypnotic industrial strings give the original an even more urban and futuristic approach. Rough and dancefloor at the same time.

Hypnotic “The Sonic Attack” concludes the 12” with a glitchy sound in Code Rising’s typical signature, made of dark but spacey tones fused into oldskool Miami funky fresh grooves.

With a remix of Jackal & Hyde’s “Bad Robot” on brand new “Anywhere In The Galaxy EP” out on Dominance Electricity, Code Rising is definitely on fire at the moment. Rush on this superb 12” fast, as since I wrote this review 19 new copies have been sold!

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