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Collectable Alert: Gary Gritness to Release Cyber Funk Concept Album

Spot anything? ;) © Gary Gritness official/Facebook

Gary Gritness, who has enthralled crowds with his live shows at Glastonbury Festival, Dimensions, Unibeat Festival and many more, returns to UK Hypercolour Records with his first full length release: a double vinyl LP concept album configured with the imprint of "The Legend of Cherenkov Blue". So who is this "Cherenkov Blue? And, what is the "Legend" all about?

Gary Gritness takes us on a journey into a world filled with deep deceit, drama and daring rescues. Or, is it? He masterfully leaves the "Legend" just opaque enough to send the imagination splintering into a million different fragmented directions, making this a go to album for DJ's and those listeners who just want to kick back and hear some great tunes.

Gary Gritness - The Legend of Cherenkov Blue (Hypercolour Records) © Gary Gritness official/Facebook

Disk One (The Trail)

The first track, "Back With A Vengeance", an Electro Funk prologue to the melee of action to come, drops it low with its downbeat, funky bassline and icy key solo. A dirty cop voice sample sets the stage on "Bent Cop Hustle", a driving Detroit Electro tune that has no shortage of bass drops and innovative synthesizer action. "Big Marcus Knows The Score" is the next chapter in this unfolding tale. He definitely does know the score if his name sake on this record is any indication. Airy notes drift into the sound space in the midst of fluid drum programming, masterfully setting a mood of introspection and inquiry. Flipping the 12" over, gives eager listeners just enough time to wonder where this story is heading.

Ducking into a dark alley, the next tune, "Laser-Sighted Smoke", leaves the plot open to interpretation, relying on a 4x4 beat and an evolving bassline to expand the story line. You're still not sure where the story is heading until the next section of groove, "Fishnets and a Nine". The title says it all and the funky bassline sparring with minor solos over a proper Electro beat completes the image of sexy intrigue.

Disk Two (The Killing)

A voice straight out of a cyber punk thriller captures the mind as the next tune, "Enter Cherenkov Blue", drives forward with its Electro beat and swirling atmosphere. If the ear was lolled into a place of consideration and reflection by the first six songs, "Ambush on 149th Street" will jolt the listener back into the reality of Cherenkov Blue's cold blooded world. Something's going down! The title, "Snitch Huntn'" tells the story of the next piece, but the Christopher Walken sample over an eerie baseline really enhances the setting.

The last plain of the record starts off with a fast beat 4x4 raw Electro tune, "The Hit List", furthering the plot line of mystery and death that permeates Disk Two. "A Sword Off Fairwell's" familiar bassline, upbeat and masterful key work we've come to expect from Gary Gritness leaves the listener satisfied, but still a little hazy on the complete scope of the work, like after reading a well written novel.

This towering album is out April 19th in both vinyl and digital formats. Look for Gary Gritness' releases on Hypercolour, Clone and Nyami Nyami Records. Get ready for a complete emersion into a world of assassination, double-crossing, espionage and street hustling encapsulated on this album.

Listen to the new Gary Gritness album below, where you can also purchase a copy: