Control Tower Records

As the legendary imprint founded by The Dexorcist and Radioactive Man, Control Tower has been a force to be reckoned with since its inception, with an extensive catalog of some of the hardest and most sinister Electro Bass tunes to come out in some time.

Kicking things off in 2001 with "Sector 6" by Radioactive Man and The Dexorcist, the label dove quickly into signing other artists that over the years have become synonymous with the label itself, like Kansas City Prophets, Bomb Dogs, and Bass Junkie.

Hot on the heels from its label debut, The Dexorcist returned with "Dark Times"; a deranged collection of fast-paced Bass rhythms, and analog melancholy that is such a signature sound for the artist. Next up Control Tower brought us "Ignition" in 2002, by the Kansas City Prophets, followed by Tokyo Windbag's "Subway Lung", Bomb Dog's "Through The Wires/A Touch Of The Old", and culminating the year with Dirty Hospital's "Rottenrow".

In 2003, the label returned once again with the subsonic fury of Bass Junkie's "Bass Control E.P."; which included the classics "The Weirding Module", as well as "Energy+Matter+Chaos", and "Computer Future". Kansas City Prophets returned once again in 2003 as well with "Puncture E.P.", leaving us lastly with the fantastic E.P. between DJ Controlled Weirdness and The Dexorcist as "Dead Silence Syndicate", called "Hidden Cities".

Between 2004 and 2009, Control Tower continued an onslaught of releases by artists like British Hip-Hop icon Silvah Bullet, Moon Disco, Subliminal Criminal, Aizell; and of course, Radioactive Man, and The Dexorcist, ceasing its output of material with Bleepfunk's "Creative Patterns E.P." Radioactive Man, The Dexorcist, and many of the label's artists continue to work independently on their own projects and on different labels, and though there is no mention of whether the label might still make a resurgence at some point or not, it can certainly be agreed on that Control Tower's influence over a very important period of time for our music was extensive, with many of its releases still highly sought after titles in the resurging vinyl community.


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