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Hailing from Croatia, the Crobots have been on the attack on their imprint "Crobot Muzik" since 2007, featuring revered artists like Paul Blackford, Dynamik Bass System, N-ter, and DJ XED to name just but a few. With more than 30 titles to choose from, you are bound to have plenty of bass for you to shake a stick at, while the genius productions you will find on their catalog, will imprint a sound on your mind that will make an everlasting impression.

Their first release was a compilation called "Crobot E.P.", and featured a collaboration between N-ter and Compound, with the songs "Space Funk", and "Freaks". The release also contained a song by DJ XED under his old moniker, "Rezult", with the song "Ground Zero". Three wildly expressive songs, full of all that Crobot Bass you have come to know these artists for, setting the stage for what would become the Crobotic takeover of Electro music.

Also in 2007, their infamous compilation release series would come into being, with the publication of the CD, "Dalekovod Vol. 1", which featured works by many artists like Kalson, N-ter, Rezult, Direct Control, Alavux, plus many more. The CD was subsequently followed that year by the second installment of the series, this time featuring many of the same artists as before, but welcoming songs by new artists T.L.B., Utilizer, Marythmetic, FM, DJ Go Cut, Butch, Mataya, and Hrvoje featuring a collaboration with Zoja on the track, "Past Times".

In 2008, the label returned with a follow-up to the Dalekovod series, with the "Dalekovod Compilation Sampler", which featured 4 songs previously released on Vol. 2 by DJ XED, N-ter, Utilizer, and Zoja. N-ter would also release his first EP on the label that year, with the "Reflection E.P." DJ XED also dropped his Rezult moniker, and released his first EP on the label as DJ XED with "Oxymatic".

That year, perhaps one of N-ter's most sought after releases would also be published, this time featuring his classic remix of Sbles3plex's "The Virtual Place Is The Future", from the classic 2005 release on FBI Recordings, which was a fantastic reworking of the original, but introduced brooding arpeggios, gleaming melodies, and that high-energy sound you have come to know N-ter for over the years.

Crobot Muzik kicked off 2009 with the release of "Rage Electronics", which was another project of N-ter, this time bringing you the song, "Arabian Robotiks". This single was followed up by another collection of N-ter's music, this time with "Polar Star E.P." This heart-pounding release was a fine example of why N-ter's music has such a timeless feel to it. Majestic and alluring melodies, met with powerful percussive programming, made for a delightful listening and dancing experience.

In 2010, the label returned once again with one of its most lucrative years, already well established as one of the top digital labels in the Electro Bass and Funk sub-genres, with N-ter’s “Questions Remixes”, featuring works by Dynamik Bass System, Paul Blackford, DJ XED, Darxid, and Shade from the Autonomous Bass Heads. Utilizer would also see his first EP released, coming in with “Enforcer”, and followed by Mikroslav’s debut, “Sam Sa Tobom E.P.”

Also this year, the 3rd Dalekovod compilation was released, featuring a huge assortment of some of the best artists in the scene, like Newcleus, Dynamik Bass System, GROW, DVS NME, Dark Vektor, R21, Darxid, Morphogenetic, and many others. The release was warmly welcomed by the public, with many of the songs becoming instant hits, and timeless classics; still today making their rounds on internet radio stations, and many DJ mixes.

In 2011, things would begin to slow down a little for the label, as N-ter had made preparations to move to Detroit for some time, and DJ XED began a small hiatus in order to regroup and redefine his career. Still, the label brought us 3 fantastic releases this year, kicking things off with N-ter’s, “Conclusions E.P.”, as well as a new artist from the UK, “Romplex”, who joined the Crobots releasing “The Mission E.P.”

The label continues strong to this day, as relevant as ever, just recently launching the 6th Dalekovod compilation, and also releasing a plethora of singles and EP's by N-ter, and others over the years, showing that the Crobots are stronger than ever, and ready to expand their sonic invasion.

In an area of the world that is still coming up from the ashes in many ways after being ravaged by war, Crobot Muzik is a force for positive change, that for many years has helped to pave the way for a healthy underground music scene in the region, giving many people who understand Electro music on a deeper level, an avenue of expression that could only help further blossom the culture and mindset of such an interesting part of the world. All hail the Crobots!

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