Crobot Muzik Releases Final Dalekovod Compilation: Listen

We are the Crobots! © Crobot Muzik

Starting back in 2007, the Dalekovod series has been the most sought after digital Electro compilation of the last decade, recruiting international artists old and new, from Paul Hardcastle and Newcleus, to Dynamik Bass System, Carl Finlow, The Advent, Aux 88, even T. Linder from Detroit Techno Militia.

Since then, these timeless collections have become the soundtrack to the slow but graceful evolution of our music over the years, from a time of restrictive trends and market instability when digital music took over vinyl, to a place where our music truly shines for what it is worth, constantly pushing the sonic envelope and displaying with full class and ingenuity the profound depth and character of genuine Electro music.

The last in a highly influential series! © Crobot Muzik

Crobot Muzik have recently released what they claim will be the final in the series, "Dalekovod 7 - The Future Is Here", featuring an extensive collection of new or previously unreleased tunes from artists like AE35, BFX, Go Nuclear, Paul Blackford, PL_anet, Amper Clap, ADJ, Dibu-Z, Kim Cosmik, DVS NME and many, many more. 66 tracks in total! An incredible display of the kind of broad talent that exists within the world of Electro music, which as the label states on their Bandcamp: "whole purpose of this series was to connect Electro artists from all around the world, who share same passion for Electro music!"

Listen to the full compilation below, and please support. A small price for such a large and high quality collection of fine Electro music: