Cultivated Electronics

Founded in 2007 by Phil Bolland aka Sync 24 (half of Cultek duo), the label has been a consistent force in the Electro Bass scene, being perhaps the one label that helped re-inspire many others to start releasing vinyl again after the decline of sales in the mid-00's; not to mention the great deal of influence the music published on the label by many of today's hottest artists has had on the direction things have taken in the past several years.

The label kicked things off in 2007 with the "Cultivated Electronics E.P.", which featured 4 tracks by Signal Type, Abstrakt Knights, Innume, and Point 7. The label followed up the year after with the next two installments, which this time included works by Sync 24 himself, Matt Whitehead, ADJ, and Junq on the 2nd volume, and Sync 24, Innume, and Signal Type ( including a Gods Of Technology remix of "In Abyss" ) on the third. The label released the final (so far) installment of the compilation in 2009, and this time featured legendary Silicon Scally, Matt Whitehead, Signal Type, and Sync 24.

2010 would begin the label's output of single artist releases, as well as one of the most interesting collaborations of the past years, between label head Sync 24, and Alpha 606, on the Lunar Passport EP. Other releases this year included Sync 24's classic "We Rock Non-Stop", and Silicon Scally's "Process Remixes", which brought in heavy-weights "Morphology", as well an incredible reworking by Sync 24.

2011 would only bring us the explosive "Potent Mutagen E.P." by Scape One, which featured Sync 24 once again, but also brought in French Electro legend dynArec, with a deeply crafted, and intelligent remix of "Time Falls".

2012 however, would start things off with a bang, as Morphology's "Information Paradox" was published, featuring label mastermind Phil Bolland again as Sync 24, as well as 3 cuts by Morphology. The record was subsequently followed by Sonar Base's "We Attack At Dawn", as well as the beginning of the label's most successful series to date, the warmly welcomed "World Elektronix" compilation, which so far has featured such names as Silicon Scally, Boris Divider, Morphology, The Exaltics, Versalife, and E.R.P. for example, with the 4th and possibly last installment released back in 2014.

Other incredible releases on the label so far include MMT-8's punishing "Sequencer E.P.", Resonance Committee's "Curvepusher Sessions Vol. 1", as well as some fantastic collaborations between Sync 24, Morphology, Silicon Scally, and The Exaltics to name a few. But hang tight, more is on the way! Stay tuned.


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