Cultivated Electronics Announces New Vinyl Compilation Series, Upcoming European Tour

Cultivated Electronics, a label that hit the ground running since its inception back in 2007, and with no slowing down, recently announced on social media that they were set to release 3 new vinyl compilation LP's as well as embark on a European tour, with stops in locations like Brussels, Dublin, St. Petersburg, Milan, and Berlin to name a few.

The new compilation series, titled "From The Dark", will feature new works by artists like Animistic Beliefs, Alpha 606, Morphology, Carl Finlow, and Zeta Reticula, with some very interesting collaborations between Sync 24 and Nima Khalilian as well as Jensen Interceptor with Assembler Code. In total there will be 3 vinyl outings, first one set to hit the stores October 2018. Looks very exciting, especially that tour in locations throughout some of the best places in Europe. Stay tuned for more news!

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