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Cybernet 1202 - Solar Flare

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

To paraphrase the science fiction writer Greg Bear, “There’s really no other genre of writing that allows authors to visit such varying topics like Science Fiction." In some sense, the same could be said about Electro when it comes to music. For example, there is an entire EP dedicated to “Bath Salts" on Divine Disorder Records that dares you to dance your ass off, while it thoroughly discusses eating someone’s face off.

Tunes about apocalyptic robot wars and space battles pepper the Electro solar system like orbiting asteroids left over from an exploding Bass Planet. Since the very beginning of the sound, there has been a definite Sci Fi Electro sub-genre that has explored the limits of science through 808 beats and synthesizer bleeps. The latest EP on Spain’s Electroclub Records joins the ranks of Sci Fi Electro releases with Cybernet 1202 - Solar Flare.

Solar Flare

Rocketing toward the inner solar system, an unknown signal takes control of your ship's intercom. Suddenly, a persistent 808 beat with tight snares fills the cabin. As you listen in wonder, trying to guess the origins of this new aberration, an anxious bassline kicks in. Now fixed on the stream, your muscles tense when the rioting arps fill the pressurized cabin. Your jaw tightens when the bassline speeds up and the snares keep coming. You now know something is wrong out there. That’s when the first crackle of a voice transmission meets your ears. All you catch is “Solar Flare Active”, and then an eerie but melodic arpeggio completes the auditory scene. The urgent voice resubmits itself while simultaneously a soothing synth materializes in the sonic soundscape, taking your mind in two different directions like an escape pod and an exploding mother ship. Before you can completely decipher the oncoming transmission, the entire sound dissolves into a film of interference. Just when you think everything is lost, the melodic arpeggios return to deliver the voice transmission again “Solar Flare Active’ in time for you to raise your magnetic shields to avoid the radiation ejected from a massive Solar Flare.

Flying Machines

Back on Earth, still reeling from the close call, you check to see exactly where the transmission originated. You start the scan, and turn up the audio feed. A high spreading synth primes your ear for the oncoming bassline. The voice that descends tells you there have been recent flying saucer sightings. Now a new bassline joins the first funky gem and you are locked in. Accompanied by oscillating spacey arps and swells, a minor key completes the picture that these transmissions may not be terrestrial. Agreeing, a voice echoes the suspicions interjecting “What are they?”, as the basslines push on through the overlaid oscillations. Slowing the voice down to be sure of what you heard, it repeats the mysterious voice crackles, while the alien overtones engulf your senses. These are no ordinary flying machines.

Solar Flare Honexters remix

Honexters remix shocks your senses immediately with the vocal warning of “Solar Flare Active”. The pace is quicker now, and you turn the volume up. Mysterious stabs and haunting pipes drive the bassline into a deep strobe that leads to an electronic demonstration that increases your suspicions this signal did not originate from the third planet. The haunting voice “Solar Flare Active’ rematerializes and the message is clear. A proton storm from a solar flare had been close to wiping out your ship.

Solar Flare Vema Diodes remix

Reorienting your scan, the third Solar Flare interpreted signal begins almost benignly with snares and bass drums capturing your attention, but quickly the lower bassline reveals a deeper undertone of meaning encoded in this transmission. Your thoughts are confirmed when a ghostly high phantom sound fills the cabin driven by sporadic drums. You adjust the dials. “These signals don’t sound human for sure.” The shrill but muffled voice “Solar Flare Active” gives way to a volley of pinging arpeggios that guide your ear further into this third warning. The urgent voice “Solar Flare Active” confirms you were right to raise your shields, but “Did the signal come from an alien source?" This scan still isn’t conclusive.

Electroclub Records have provided these transmissions for further review at their Bandcamp page. Download this unique Electro release and take a journey into space with Cybernet 1202 at the controls. More scans may reveal the source of the signal, but have your shields ready in case of another solar burst!


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