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Cygnus - Connection Error

Cygnus cruises into 2020 with a new 12" on Craigie Knowes, filled with plenty of bleeps and bass drops for the new decade. "Connection Error", the next EP in an impressive lineup of releases on labels like CPU and Breakin', highlights some of Cygnus's best work in the Electro genre.

Anxious to hear his next EP, I sat down and took a closer listen to the five tracks on "Connection Error". 

Ebony Starlight 

Bouncing claps disorient the focus away from a building presence of unfolding basslines and glittering star-like machine presence on this opening track.  

My Secret Data 

Picking up the pace to a solid 135 bpm, "My Secret Data" features some great key work, including a masterfully constructed bassline and arp "call and response" sequence throughout that really brings depth to the piece. And there's cowbell! 

Metroid C64 

"Justin Bailey" 

------ ------

For those that know... ;)

Connection Error 

Low bass and a syncopalicious beat get down to business, just in time to lead us into a web of synthesizer manipulations that swirl about like a b-boy's laces on the EP's title track. 


Drums pound deep into a column of minor key workmanship, buffeted by one of those grooves that bobs and weaves through seismic sound waves of Electro goodness here at the end of the EP.  

Out February 13th, Get Cygnus' "Connection Error" on Craigie Knowes' at Clone and other record shops. Listen to and find links to buy more of Cygnus's great releases on SoundCloud and Bancamp


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