D-Omen Shares Discography On Bandcamp...For Free!

D-Omen, long-time Electro project of Damian Henderson hailing from the UK, debuted back in 2006 with a remix for Kams' "Bassmunter" release on Hippocamp; one of the first Netlabels around before the inevitable rise of the digital download market. Since then, the artist has continued on, appearing on labels such as Body Control with "Modulation Drones", Borg Recordings and "Lost In Darkness", as well as "Dark Circuits EP" on Digitalstorm Recordings to name but a few. D-Omen has also done remixes for artists like Dave Mono, T/Error. and -=UHU=-.

Recently, D-Omen announced on social media that he had uploaded his discography to Bandcamp, where you can actually download it for free! You read that right, all that great music for simply supporting it, by listening to it. It is set at "Name Your Price" however, so if you can swing it, please do support financially as many times over fans of the music tend not to realize just how much money it takes just to gather up the equipment necessary to record the great tunes they come to love, let alone release it professionally.

The digital download market unfortunately, while it brought the ability for anyone to self-release and promote to a wider market, it was also in many ways a farce that allowed the big companies like Amazon and iTunes to profit exponentially from artists, who at the end of the day get literally fractions of a penny for streams which constitute today's largest sector of the digital market, and barely change in nickels and dimes per download. The starving artist starves a bit more these days, in hopes of actually making it with true independence which comes at an even bigger cost somehow.

Check out some of D-Omen's music below, and please...head over to his Bandcamp page and grab yourself a copy of his ingenious discography.

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