Dadeabass Recordings

Short-lived, yet highly influential imprint Dadeabass Recordings; based in Miami, Florida, came about in 2007 while in the midst of a strong resurgence of Electro Bass and Funk music. Founded by Nick Riesco (Teknik), along with his fellow band of brothers DJ Emil and Mr. Felos, the label came at a time when the scene was, while in a resurgence indeed, also in the middle of some transitions as people began to push for an exploration of our roots. At first we would see this as the return of retro B-Boy Electro Funk music, soon after following with a push to revive the classic sounds of Intelligent Miami Bass music. This return to Bass would, in a short time, catapult Soundchasers (the label's primary artist) to worldwide success with the release of the 12" "Novus Ordo", released a year before the birth of Dadeabass on legendary label Cut It Up Def; another imprint seeing its return to the scene after more than a decade of originally closing its doors.

While Dadeabass Recordings had a small discography; unfortunately having come into fruition right before the economic collapse in the US which decimated the American vinyl market, its influence was undeniable. The production techniques, unmistakeably polished and refined to a level that not many can achieve in this sound, left the crowds speechless and craving for more. While the label only had 2 vinyl releases, they are both classics that are still very sought-after and should be added to anyone's collection who loves forward-thinking Bass music.

The label's first output would see the 12" vinyl single "Sonar" in 2007, which was also remixed by German Electro legend Supreme.ja. This hypnotic Electro Bass tune brought in all the right elements: 808s that galloped along like wild stalions, while drones reminiscent of military sonar equipment created a mysterious vibe around this one. Supreme.ja of course showed no mercy in his rendition as he pumped the original version up with his unique skill towards our sound.

Dadeabass followed up after the release of Sonar, with a couple of digital releases as the so called revolution began to take hold. "Ordo Ab Chao", coming first, showed not just a continuing trend in the duo's skilled yet evolving sound, but also that they had much more depth than we tend to see from many Miami Bass groups. A jab at the old saying "Order Out Of Chaos", or Ordo Ab Chao, this controversial release explored the underworld of obscure historical conspiracies that have been taking place throughout time, with an aura of conflict between optimism and pessimism towards current times and even that of the Electro scene; which at the time was also beginning to hit some obstacles musically and even politically industrywise.

The last vinyl release by the imprint would leave us with "United Bass Nations"; a solid 12" EP of fresh cuts paying homage to the classic sounds of Miami, and featuring Dynamik Bass System, Soundchasers, and Supreme.ja; not to mention mastered by the iconic Debonaire at his recording studios in the area. The record would shortly after be released in CD format through Back To Boom Records; an affiliate of Dadeabass, who disintegrated not long after in 2008.

The next and last release to come from Dadeabass Recordings would be in 2011 with "Audio Hostem", a vicious attack of deranged programming and futuristic beats, all wrapped up in Soundchasers' eerie vibe that their light synthwork added to the mix.

While there is not much more info on the label out there on the web, nor is a catalog currently being distributed, some of the titles can be found through the Debonaire website, and many songs have been produced since and available for listening through the Soundchasers Soundcloud page. If you are a fan of classic Miami Bass music, then these guys are right up your alley. Support by finding their tracks online, and send the Soundchasers a message, let them know you love their music and would love to see more of it on vinyl, CD and digital.


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