Dagobert & Kalson - Stellar Mode 002

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Long time comrades Dagobert and Kalson; previously heard together on the timeless classic "Astronauten" vinyl EP back from 2011, not to mention a very special collaborative effort in late 2020 with the launch of their new imprint Stellar Mode, return almost exactly a year later with the 2nd output in what we hope will continue to be a long running series of EP's featuring some of the finest works we have heard so far by both of these illustrious Electro artists.

With Stellar Mode 002, you are presented with 6 songs of deep, conceptual and melodic Electro; 3 from Dagobert and 3 from Kalson, forming an intense ride through complex galaxies that interweave and expand into vast clouds of pure synthetic tonal bliss! Some standouts here are perhaps "Signals From The Dark" with its innovative, futuristic edge, and "Voyager", which is a tune full of radiance, and subtle emotive allure.

Dagobert's fierce, yet well balanced melodic style has really evolved gracefully over the years, retaining with elegance that signature sound that has made him a cult favorite within the Electro scene for decades. The uniquely perplexing compositions that he is able to conjure, generate a cinematographic feel within his tunes that are almost like comic books, but as songs.

Dagobert & Kalson - Stellar Mode 002 (2021) © Stellar Mode/Bandcamp

Kalson on the other hand, is an artist that has been rising ever steadily over the past nearly 15 years, taking a once charming style that held lots of promise, and turning it into a magnificent powerhouse of robust, old school laden beats, and gleaming melodies that cut deep into you with a very special vision of Electro. Honing much of his skill while under the wing of iconic German imprint Dominance Electricity, Kalson quickly rose to notoriety; particularly after the release of "Astronauten" with Dagobert, and here he delivers easily his most refined work yet, elaborating upon some of what you may have witnessed from his most recent outing "Solarni Sistem".

"Stellar Mode 002" by Dagobert & Kalson released on November 20th, 2021 on a limited run of black, and a really nice aqua blue vinyl disc, as well as digital of course. You can find this release via the label's Bandcamp page, or wherever you buy music!