Dark Vektor - Siega Las Cadenas

Dark Vektor has been one of the single most iconic Electro artists since the 3rd wave of the music began at the turn of the millenium. With a fairly illustrious vinyl discography, it should be no surprise then that after some years of not having a proper vinyl release, that finally the don of Catalonia's Electro scene is finally getting the respect he deserves once again as more and more vinyl labels continue to pop up and proliferate, and seek out the talents of this purveyor of the Electro scene.

Recently signing to young Madrid based imprint "Industrias Mekanikas", Dark Vektor presents an EP of absolute high caliber, even featuring remixes from the likes of Cosmic Force and Electro sensation Assembler Code. This one titled "Siega Las Cadenas", reflects on the blindness of humanity, and the perpetual shackles it keeps us in, as we somehow seem to be consistently unable to see what is in front of us, even when it is our own demise heading straight for us like a speeding freight train.

With 3 original productions, and 3 remixes, this record has some nice versatility to it that does not lock the listener to any single particular vibe, instead raining down everything from hypnotic, gleaming melodies, to absolutely maddening and furious club bangers, like with Cestrian's malovent remix of the title tune "Siega Las Cadenas". Driving Electro beats infused with an equally driving and soul piercing bassline that breaks through into an open space of blinding drones, and mesmerizing atmospheres. On a similar vein, Cosmic Force's remix is another gem full of robotic fury, and a must for your next DJ set!

Dark Vektor - Siega Las Cadenas (2021) | © Industrias Mekanikas

Lovers of classic Dark Vektor will appreciate "Música Robótica", a tune a bit in line with previous hits like "Basscelona"; the title track from FdB Recordings' release back in 2010. But if you are looking for really fresh Dark Vektor vibes, then the title tune will do it for you. Here, the listener is reminded a bit of artists like Spinks (Buffalo Frequency), who previously remixed one of the Catalonian artist's songs back in 2006, on the "My Left Side" release on Dona-li Records. On this song, Dark Vektor presents a concoction of dark, gritty, and complex beats and sequences that envelope the listener in an aura of absolute mayhem. A tune to send chills down your spine!

Dark Vektor's "Siega Las Cadenas" is due for release July 26th, 2021, on a limited run of red and black vinyl, and featuring a full color jacket with an illustration by Mudo Art. A true collector's item for lovers of authentic contemporary Electro, and of one of the longest running new school Electro artists out there. Highly recommended! You can put your pre-order in directly from the label's Bandcamp.


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