Darxid - Suffocate

Darxid, the prolific German producer with a long discography behind him on labels such as Streetsounds, Debonaire Records, Bass Frequency, and of course, his very own Subsonic Device, is back with some new material for 2021, and with a strong statement of resistance for the times called "Suffocate".

Released as a single that also includes the bonus track "Shattered Soul", the concepts here take a hard, critical look at the current situation globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Musically, the record is two-fold you could say as both tracks are very different from each other. The title track, driven by a techy aesthetic that flows without impedance, adds a bit of grit via the vocals that convey deep concerns such as the very real possibility of everything "crashing" due to the irrational, non-science based lockdowns that have taken place all over the world, to the psychological torture people have endured through all of this, while the second tune slows things down a bit, and gets into some Depeche Mode territory here. The vocals get a bit more elaborate, while the music darkens up and blooms into an alluring arrangements of subtle, intriguing synths that almost begin to speak in such a delicate manner. If truth be told, then here it is and you better listen up!

Darxid's "Suffocate" was released on June 7th, 2021, and can be found through the Subsonic Device Bandcamp page, or wherever you buy digital. Highly recommended.


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