Datacrashrobot Releases New EP, Shares Video for Song "Burst Transmission": Watch

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Romanian Electro purveyor Datacrashrobot, seen previously on labels such as Militant Science, Battery Park Studio, and Lasergum Records to name a few, returns once again in 2020; hot on the heels of his previous "Dynamic Dispatch Mechanism EP" on Roulette Rekordz, with a marvel of a new Electro EP called "Embedded System", featuring some really great names on remix duties, such as the one and only Mesak (Mr. Velcro Fastener), the enigmatic Errorbeauty, and the fine works of Roberto Semeraro, known to many as Pearl River Sound.

Released on the 15th of July on Barcelona-based Diffuse Reality Records, this new collection of works by the alluring Romanian artist, who has been concocting some of the most innovative Electro beats on the planet since 2010, presents the artist's forward-thinking approach to synthesis in full form, with enigmatic melodies; bizarre at times yet very nostalgic and melancholic in a subtle way, coupled with very futuristic and uncanny sonic manipulations as if listening to the core sounds of the AI system taking over our reality, all the while retaining a bit of an old school flavor at times that tips its hat to the classic days of Electro Funk and the 808.

The remixes are also worth the release on their own, so make sure to check those out! Fine contributions all around, and from some of the most notable artists in the scene currently.

You can grab the new EP by going to the Diffuse Reality Bandcamp page, as well as online retailers such as Beatport and others. You can also listen to other releases by Datacrashrobot, by visiting here.