Deadlock Records

Founded in 2007 by Detroit Techno Bass producers Sougon and Sublock, the label had a short-lived, but tenacious 2 years in existence, bringing you 4 unique pieces of vinyl and featuring the works of Paul Blackford, Boris Divider, WaveFirm, as well as different collaborations and solo projects amongst the founding members.

The first release on the label was the compilation "Dirt Nap E.P.", which featured Sougon and Sublock as "Deadlock Collective", as well as Detroit native WaveFirm, and two solo tracks by label co-founder "Sougon". Later that year, the compilation was followed by the "Coup De'Tat E.P.", this time featuring the works of British innovators Espion, and Paul Blackford, as well as tracks by WaveFirm, and Sougon; with co-production by "Shadowlessman".

Before heading into 2009, the label had one final output that year, releasing Sougon's "Ippon Redux"; a remixes E.P. featuring veterans Paul Blackford and Boris Divider, as well as WaveFirm, and a reworking by Sougon himself. Menacing beats and sinister bass tones, coupled with intelligent sequencing and signature works by all the artists involved, propelled the label into becoming a formidable force in the underground Detroit Electro/Techno scene for some time.

In 2009, the label's final output would come into being with the release of Paul Blackford's "3 Mile Island", which was a huge success, and a great addition not just to the label's catalog, but to the artist himself who had not released on vinyl in some time.

Unfortunately, inside issues between the members of the label led to the eventual downfall of the imprint, bringing what could have been a fantastic and illustrious career for everyone involved to an end. From what it seems, none of the founding members have continued doing much musicwise since then, preoccupied by their personal lives perhaps; though we do hope that they make a comeback some day.

It is unfortunate how certain things seem to hold so much promise, but when caught up in the human condition of jealousy, ego, and power struggles, it leads to the unraveling of all the potential that was once there. Happens far too often, and there are always many losers in this game...not just the people involved, but the listeners too!


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