Deemphasis - Organic E.P.

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

With the re-launch this year of his Ukonx label, Deemphasis has returned into the studio with fresh ideas and new wishes. Following “Solectron”, a vibrating ode to New Beat and Synthwave genres on Deep Division Records, the French Electro activist (Shameless Toady, New Flesh Records) self releases today four tracks of pure Electro music tinted with acidic influences.

Soulful “Electric Pressure” opens the digital pack with an electrifying song made of bubbling tones, dark layers and a sinister melody. Hypnotic and energetic at the same time, the track progressively distillates some 303 lines à la Hardfloor over intricate vocals. Top notch!

Title track “Organic” coming next, signs a powerful, syncopated tune made of well cadenced beats, groovy bassline, acidic flights, great vocoder sequences and overall a very futuristic atmosphere colored with synthwave sororities à la Blade Runner.

Mind blowing “Illusion”, goes deeper into the realm with its acid loops and stunning robotic vocals. There’s something in there that will remind of Boris Divider’s early works on Drivecom. No place for hesitation, strictly dancefloor and to the point!

Last but not the least “Space Chip” (funny title by the way), goes back into time with its C64/chiptune references and visionary melodies, offering a retro journey in a era where video games where emerging to the mass.

Dark but not gloomy, “Organic” turns as a solid Electro EP with enough emotions to let you foresee a hopeful future. Must have!

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