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Deemphasis - Solectron

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Hailing from Ferrand, France, Deemphasis, who has hypnotized listeners with his precise sound with previous releases on New Flesh Records, Ukonx Recordings and Shameless Toady, has just released a two track EP on Deep Division Records. Featuring artwork by Carlos Native, the bi-track EP’s first selection sends some new sounds our way from the Deemphasis’ studio, but the second track returns to the pure Electro sound we’ve come to expect from one of the world’s premier Electro artists.

The "Solectron (Synth Wave Mix)" pulls us into a cavern of not so subtle synth wave patterns and vibes. After a lush intro, Deemphasis continues to add melodies and recurring arps that illuminate the digital pallet like a street light shining down on an eighties pop and lock battle. Deemphasis fully embraces the retro synth sound on this first side, making this one of his most unique releases.

Flip the digital plate over, and There is “The Bright Light" showing a look of wonder on your face after experiencing the first track. This packet of bytes reveals directly your body will be at the mercy of an electronic force outside of your normal control. A proper beat with a stabbing bassline gives cover for a choppy robotic voice who shares his inner thoughts “as the world comes to an end”. By the time the Egyptian melodies fill the speaker, you may be wondering if “The Bright Light" piercing your eyes is the light at the end of the tunnel or the light from an oncoming train.

Listeners and DJ's won’t want to sleep on this new blinding release from Deemphasis. Everyone can find Solectron at all their favorite digital download sites including Juno, Beatport and Bandcamp.

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