Devine Disorder Records

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

During the height of the digital era, Miami's Devine Disorder Records had an onslaught of releases from many new artists that became staple household Electro names, like R21, Zerodouble, Magnetic Bass Force, Rawtary, Prototype, and many more.

Originally formed in 2008 by Dwellz Rawkz and DJ Nobody, the crew released it's first mix-tape called, "The Devine Takeover Vol. 1", and was a huge success on forums like Electro Empire, and Electro Alliance; paving the way for what was to become one of the most prolific Electro digital labels.

The label's first release came about in January 2009, with a compilation called, "The 2nd Chapter", featuring artists Zerodouble, Magnetic Bass Force, Danny Electro, Hydromatix, Cybertroid, and of course, label heads Dwellz Rawkz and DJ Nobody. Following up, "Welcome To Bassville", a split EP by Zerodouble and Danny Electro, was a Miami Bass inspired collection of classic samples and a hearty dose of 808s. The EP featured 2 different mixes by Zerodouble of the song "Feel Da Boom", as well as the original version of Danny Electro's, "Bass Over Miami"; which also included a remix by Zerodouble as well.

Not long after, one of the label's most formidable artists, DJ R21, would sign to the label, releasing the EP "Micro". This release was a brooding and majestic production of rich and vibrant synthlines, demented sequences, and unforgiving drum patterns, that quickly set in stone that this iconic UK artist was here to stay, and that Devine Disorder Records was not about to slow down.

Gaining lots of momentum, the label's two founders would finally release their own solo material, starting off with DJ Nobody's, "The Induction E.P.", which featured the songs "Locust", and "Close Your Eyes". This twisted and relentless single was full of old school Rave influences, and was quite a unique release for the label. Dwellz Rawkz soon followed up with, "Disorderly Conduct", a mysterious array of strange synthetic tones and intriguing melodies, that was a great start for the artist, proving just the kind of talent that he would begin to unleash upon the unsuspecting masses.

In 2010, we would see a bit of a slowing down of releases, yet in no way a lessening of quality. This year, the label signed a few new artists to the label: Funky Heroes, Prototype, Supreme.Ja, and Grow. The label kicked it off with Rawtary's, "Realm Of Science E.P.", following up was a collaboration between Dark Vektor, and DJ R21 on the second edition of "One Nation Under Bass". All of these songs were instant hits, but perhaps the most stand out song here would be, "Atomic Breakdown" by R21; a hard hitting, and majestic masterpiece that dug deep into your soul as it devastated sound systems across the globe.

Devine Disorder Records unfortunately culminated its output back in 2013 with a couple of releases by Dark Vektor and Dexterous Numerics, and as of yet there is no word if the label may return at some point. Regardless, this great label released a vast catalog of purely ingenious and eclectic releases, performing its duty in circulating an abundance of innovative material to the masses, and elevating itself to being one of the great imprints of the digital era. If you have not gotten familiar with their discography, take a moment to visit their Discogs page.


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