Dibu-Z - Junk DNA

Dominance Electricity is always a label to look for. A long time ago I mentioned how every release they put out seems to have the impact of a great summer blockbuster movie. Think Star Wars, or in more recent times perhaps Avatar. You know, one of those you have been waiting for perhaps for months or even years to arrive, and once it's out, it's almost life changing. Like a stepping stone towards some future unknown held within this very important piece of art.

With Dibu-Z's "Junk DNA", the label continues its legacy of timeless, Electro Sci-Fi classics and for the artist himself this is easily the moment he has been waiting for, his moment to truly shine! With 12 brand new tunes for you to dissect, Dibu-Z draws a near infinite multiverse for you to travel through, exploring versatile and mysterious atmospheres and soundscapes.

Starting with the intro "Where It All Ends", you get a strong sense of where things are headed, and yet, this is somewhat deceiving. The strong synth flights, reminiscent of soundtracks such as Blade Runner, give a strong indication that melodically, we are truly in for a magnificent ride. Yet, as far as overall composition, programming, and styles that will come forth, it's hard to imagine what you'll experience, and so we simply let the album do the talking so to speak.

There are moments when the artist dives into the more tenacious, cold, and rather abrasive side of Electro, where influences of Dopplereffekt and Aux 88 come through quite strongly in songs like "Metamaterial", "Gnarly", and Snatchers". Exploring the more daring side of his musical talents, songs like "Aether Theories" and "Signal" will catapult you unto the dancefloor, reminding me a bit of Gods of Technology, hypnotizing with bewildering sequencing and a rather sinister sonic palette that adds detail from all corners; all driven by an audacious futuristic B-Boy attitude.

Slowing things down a bit, tunes like "Kabelschmelze", and the absolutely mesmerizing outro that is "The Future In Your Eyes", are wondrous trips through the melancholic, thoughtful, and quite profound mind of Dibu-z, who seems to create these masterpieces almost effortlessly and with such a keen vision for truly rich, captivating Electronic music.

Dibu-Z's "Junk DNA" is out now on vinyl, CD, and digital formats, including a special red vinyl version w/ poster, and can be purchased directly from the Save Our Sounds shop. Highly recommended stuff, you never go wrong picking up a title on Dominance Electricity, and now you know the same is true for this amazing artist we have come to know as Dibu-Z.

Stay tuned as the label has also announced new material coming from none other than Model Citizens, a project between Matt Whitehead and Phil Klein aka Bass Junkie)...hang tight!


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