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Dionysian Mysteries Set to Release New Vinyl Compilation

Rising from the Underground on March 15th like a pariah of possessed raver freaks, Dionysian Mysteries' 4th release gives space for artists to capture their own unique sound space, resulting in a diverse, Electrofied collection of some of the most innovative tunes of 2019. Set as a limited run of 400 vinyl copies, no repress, and a digital release on April 5th which includes 3 more tunes by Buzzkill, Aquatronics, and Francois Dillinger, DM 004 is "Dedicated to the outcasts, weirdoes, and big booty cadets generating all that steam heat." (From DM 004 PR)

I'm not sure I even need to go any further after that marvelous endorsement from the release PR, but here's some quick personal thoughts on these awesome tunes.

DJ Disrespect's fast paced 808 heavy dance floor mover, "Change the System", get's things started, setting the bar high for the rest of his co-producers. Next up, a 4 x 4 sledge hammer of a tune "Kovyazin D - No More Questions", pounds dark rhythms of Electronic preciseness into your auditory cortex. You'll want to check your locks after this one!

Side B starts with an absolutely jaw dropping track by the Wee DJ's. Once again they produce sounds never heard before in this dimension on their track, "Total Disclose". DJ DR-660 lightens up the vibe with their track "USB Flash Drive", a fun Detroitish 4x4 tune that shows the wide range of emotions possible in the Electro genre. It's not all doom and gloom robots! Speaking of not all doom and gloom, Nastia6.9's "My Body", meets the needle next as it spirals inward to the final groove. With its old school vocal feel, "My Body" is sure to rock some B-boy battles out there on the 15th!

On the digital version, DM004 expands with 3 more tunes, starting with Buzz Kill's offering that does anything but bring you down with "After the Smoke Clears". The track is a study in atmospheric Electro with just a touch of the resurging acid flavor. "Frequency" by Aquatronics resurrects the darkness of this release with its classic Electro grind mixed in with raspy robotic vocals. Francois Dillinger presents us the last track on DM 004's digital version, "Vertical Horizons", a melancholy interpretation of "The Future" that will elevate the hairs on the back of your neck when you think of the possibilities.

The vinyl version of Dionysian Mysteries 004 is in record stores on March 15th, just in time to rock weekend parties worldwide. Check out a preview of the entire release below, then go out and grab a copy of this great vinyl release. Pre-order the digital version at the DM Bandcamp page, set to release April 5th and get two tracks early (one of them from the vinyl).