DJ Di'jital and Will Web - Detroit 2 Miami

Two of Detroit's most notable artists, Will Web and DJ Di'jital, long considered to be the Dream Team of Detroit Techno Bass tunes, return on the fantastic 12" release "Detroit 2 Miami". Pressed as a marble purple vinyl disc, and featuring 3 cuts that showcase that it isn't just in the Detroit-Berlin Connection where we find magic, but also in the bond that the cities of Miami and The D have shared for nearly 4 decades.

Starting off, we find the menace of Detroit's legendary DJ Di'jital, a fierce warrior who pushes the boundaries of our music with a wicked style that is a bit devious, sinister, but often times slightly playful. Here in "Androidika", you'll find a perfect example of this blend of flavors that compliment each other so well, and work perfectly in the club, or even just cruising down the streets. Destructive Bass beats meet uncanny and eccentric programming that bounces around like an out of control video game, while frantic synth stabs add a bit of feel to the track. Top!

Next up, my favorite, "Detroit Conspiracy Beats" annihilates the dancefloors with classic bassline programming, in the fashion we are accustomed from Detroit artists, zapped by laser bleeps that modulate at tremendous speeds as mischevious vocals enter the scene and send chills down your back.

Last cut on the record is a punishing tune by Detroit via Miami Electro genius Will Web, a man who needs no introduction, as he graces us with a spellbinding tune that gives goosebumps upon listening. This devious, craftily composed and programmed tune serves up a healthy dose of evil melodies; both sequenced and played by hand on the synthesizer. Freaky stuff right here folks, and a perfect example of why Will Web for so many years has maintained the status of being one of the true heroes of this music.

This limited edition 12" is an absolute must have! A great continuation for DJ Di'jital's imprint "Di'jital Axcess", who never seizes to amaze with quality output and ingenious productions. Authentic, never watered down, and always true to the game. Support the underground!


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