DJ Glow Presents Populist - Psychometric Profiling

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

A year after his collaborative EP with Patrick Pulsinger, infamous DJ Glow returns to his own TRUST label to serve up an uncompromising five tracker that will speak to the crowd!

Under his moniker, Populist, the Austrian artist offers with “Psychometric Profiling”, an accessible to the massive 12" brilliantly introduced by the eponymous track. Borrowing from the Detroit Techno repertory, acidic “Psychometric Profiling” mixes together all the components you would expect for a great tune: emotive synth melodies over bubbling 303 loops, delayed vocals and a hypnotic bassline. Add to this a certain sense of soul and a much anticipating vision of music and you’ll get an underground hit calibered for the dancefloor! Ace.

“Matriarch”, the second gem on A side sounds like an alien. Coming straight from the 80’s, this electro anthem serves up a magnificent Drexciya-like song tinted with nostalgia and depth that will give goosebumps. Groovy, melodic, one word: classy!

The reverse opens with “(Spectrum)”, an aptly named short overture made of machine frequencies and modulations, enhanced by a striking vocoder.

“Electromagnetic” coming next follows in the footsteps of Arpanet with its frantic and electrifying rhythm, while “Simulation City” punctuates the B side with a milestone of a cosmic jam supported by fascinating arpeggio sequences, warm textures and hammering drums. A nice Warp-ean conclusion to a luminous EP, inspired and eclectic at the same, from Germany to USA passing through UK styles.

As time flies, Glow improves with time like a solid wine. “Psychometric Profiling” could be labeled as a large tank. Must have!

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