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DJ Godfather Kicks Off Databass Ghettotech Invasion

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Databass is about to bounce it out with some upcoming Ghettotech joints, starting with DJ Godfather’s aptly named “It’s On Again EP". Set to drop soon in June, the digital release packs a kick to the booty with three upbeat audacious tracks.

“It’s On Again” gets it going with Good Money on the mic. By the time “Let Me See That Jit” jams the turntables, the floor will be jumping with the Godfather Ghettotech sound. The final track “The Battle”, finishes it up 4x4 Detroit strong, but don’t worry! A remix album featuring Gettoblaster, Matthew Anthony and DJ Deville is on this one’s heels.

Later this summer the master of the battle style turntables, DJ Godfather, will spin up the “Detroit” EP, quickly followed by a new feature by Sheefy McFly .

It’s going to be a hot summer on dance floors with this Databass invasion, so get ready!

Listen to the new upcoming EP below:

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