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DJ Godfather Releases New Detroit EP, Continues Databass Summer Resurgence

Next up in the summer Databass Ghetto Tech resurgence of 2018, DJ Godfather drops his “New Detroit EP", throwing down three original tracks that sweep the gambit of the Ghetto Tech sound.

First up, “Electro Rock” is a fast paced, catchy booty shaker of a tune with a grooved out bassline, riding a salt shaker beat that is sure to get any dance floor pumping. Up next, Good Money returns after his appearance on the “It’s On Again” EP with a snappy call out tune that will lure the B-boys and girls on the floor with its high bpm and tricked out beat.

Bringing up the rear, things could get hot on the floor with the next track on the EP, “The D”. A breakbeat drum line marches into a money shot of a high synth that is freakier than any porn star's contact list, making this entire EP a sure dance floor pleaser!

The “New Detroit EP" is out August 17th, but don’t get complacent. Databass is not done yet, there is more to come! Keep an eye out for a DJ Godfather Electro banger in a single digital package later in September. Parkhouse will also make his Databass debut, throwing down vocals on “I’m Drunk, I’m High!”. This one is an Electro monster sure to be a party pleaser. So get ready!

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