DJ Natural Nate Launches Megamix Series for Bass Agenda: Listen

Founder of The Lost Art/Bruise Your Body Breaks radio show DJ Natural Nate, a man with years of experience in the Electro Breaks scene, recently announced on social media the launch of a new megamix series dedicated to the iconic UK imprint Bass Agenda and its releases thus far since its debut back in 2013.

In his own words, Natural Nate states that: "We cannot thank Andy Barton enough For all of the hard work it takes to showcase the best producers, and music, this industry has to offer. From Electro Breaks to Techno, Bass Agenda Recordings has it all". For this new series, Natural Nate goes on to add that: "All of the mixing and tracks will be at random. These are mega mixes and nothing is set up during this live show".

You can listen to the first megamix below:

Photo credits: DJ Natural Nate

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